About us

Who are we?

Who are we?

The Hoffmann Académies grew out of the idea of helping health professionals and aspirants to achieve their dream careers in Germany.

Our centers are located in Göttingen as well as in Rabat and Casablanca (Morocco). Further locations in other cities and countries are in planning.

The Hoffmann Académies will accompany you until your departure to the country of Felix Hoffmann, the inventor of aspirin, whose name we have taken on due to his great merit in the further development of the health sector.

An experienced team of the best professionals on the market is available to you from start to finish.

Our goal

Every year, more and more doctors emigrate to Germany without satisfying the medical needs of the country.

In fact, this need is increasing day by day, resulting in the German authorities having to simplify procedures due to the resulting deficit.

The team of experts from the Hoffmann Académies closely monitors the development of these different processes so that the students can make the best possible use of the opportunities on the horizon and under optimal conditions.

Due to the competitive salaries offered to them in comparison with other countries in the world, an increasing number of nurses have settled in Germany. This state of affairs is an opportunity for foreign nurses to revive their careers under better circumstances and at the same time train in a professional environment known for its excellence and its levelling up.


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